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Flycom was established in year 2005 and operates under Russian Ministry of Communications license. Flycom company operates in compliance with ISO 9001 2000 and provides following services: uplink, downlink and turnaround services for television, radio and data channels; operation and integration of mobile and permanent uplink and downlink satellite systems.

Flycom is one of the leading provides of mobile satellite transmission services. Our company possesses diversified experience in worldwide television broadcasting. Our OB van, Drive-Away, Fly-Away systems have been broadcast a major events around Russia and CIS such as breaking news, conventions, sport events and entertainment. Our mobile systems can professionally satisfy your operational and broadcasting needs.

Based in the Russia, we provide fast, flexible and cost effective range of solutions and services with experienced crew, event management services and technical support. Flycom offers multi cameras mobile TV stations – OB van, HD/SD satellite uplink and downlink facilities from Drive-away and Fly-away systems for operating in Russia and CIS.

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Gratitude from the President of Russia for the preparation and conduct of meetings of Heads of State in Saint-Petersburg in 2008.

Gratitude from the President of Russia for the preparation and conduct of companies nationwide elections in 1996.

Diploma from Russia Continental Hockey League for the fruitful cooperation in the 2008-2009 season from the Chairman of the Board of Directors CHL Fetisov VA.

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